01 - ResilRoad (Risk-based resilience indicators for road networks)

Hi all,

The previous post was a brief introduction to this blog. Now, it’s time to further present my research project ResilRoad
As I said in the previous post I am part of a research, innovation and training programme called SMARTI. My host institution for SMARTI is the University of Nottingham (UK), where I am enrolled as a PhD student. The University of Nottingham - founded in 1881 - is a top 20 university in the UK. One of my favourite thing about the university is the campus, which is huge, green and has amazing buildings (See for yourself in Fig. 1 and 2 ^^). My project is the 9th research project within SMARTI. Hence, you can also call me ESR9 (Early-Stage Researcher 9) though Philippe is easier I think ^^. My project ‘ResilRoad’ is an acronym for Risk-based Resilience indicators for roadway networks. The aim is to improve risk-modelling methods for transportation networks under severe disruptive events.

I am sure that most of you already experienced traffic jams. Congestion h…

00 - Welcome - Bienvenue

Hi all,
Welcome to my blog!

My name is Philippe and I am a 26-year-old graduate civil engineer. I recently started the superb adventure that is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie INNOVATIVE TRAINING NETWORK (MSCA ITN).
For those of you who don’t know, MSCA ITNs are structured training of early-stage researchers funded by the European Commission. The objective of MSCA ITNs is to train young researchers, entrepreneurs and engineers to face today's and tomorrow's challenges. In the long run, this training should benefit society. In practice, an MSCA ITN is an amazing opportunity to work for three years as a researcher, get a PhD, collaborate with companies and universities across Europe, develop technical and interpersonal skills… and last but not least this comes with a competitive salary!

My ITN is called SMARTI (Sustainable Multi-functional Automated Resilient Transport Infrastructure). Follow this link to our website to get more information about the programme.

I am starting this blog to…